Departm​ent of Systems and Security


The department consists of two main branches:

  1. Information Security Division
  2. Systems and Database Division



  1. Regular security tests are conducted on users' devices, networks, operating systems, applications, to detect security vulnerabilities.
  2. Periodic review of the implementation of the Internet usage policy.
  3. Periodic reviewing and implementing of protection policies on devices, equipment, and security software, and developing security policies.
  4. Periodic follow-up of anti-virus server updates.
  5. Preparing statistics and periodic reports on the security status of the computer network, systems and applications.
  6. Continuously researching developments in information security to identify technologies that can enhance protection for computers, networks, systems, and applications.
  7. Actively participating in the formulation of strategies for the operation of the Department of Systems and Security.
  8. Undertaking any additional tasks assigned to the department.
  9. Maintaining continuous surveillance of core servers, operating systems, and application in the computer center.
  10. Ensuring the continuous operation of main computer systems, their accessories, databases, and applications.