Welcome to the website of Faculty Development Center (FDC) at Al al-Bayt University, expecting constant success in performing special service for all teaching staff in different domains and ranks, in a way that meets the University's  vision, mission, and aims.
     Faculty Development Center (FDC) was established in 2003/2004 to achieve the goals of the University through developing the teaching staff skills in domains of teaching, evaluation, research, tutorship, and guidance in line with current scientific and technological challenges.
     The great significance of ( FDC ) lies in supporting , enhancing, and achieving the principles of distinguish for a teaching staff, who is considered the core of teaching-learning process, due to his/her experience, and knowledge transferring. A teaching staff is considered responsible for students' thoughts formation, for student's behaviors, for thinking up their traditions and apotheosis, and for merging them with the society they live in as well.  Thus, any change or improvement must start with a teaching staff.
     FDC seeks carrying out its goals through the convene of specific pack of workshops that are related to morals of college teaching, teaching methods, college circumstance management, evaluation, college exams, and college rules and instructions relevant to teaching staff recruit.  FDC also presents a series of various modern training courses , seminars, conferences, and activities related to the fulfillment of the center's goals and tasks. Such achievements are reconsidered and censored periodically due to technological development, teaching staff request, its demand, or according to the center of board of directors initiation, according to the strategic goal in mind that training does not part from teaching, since teaching can't take place unless practicing it in reality comes first.
    On the other hand, FDC pays a great deal of attention to students' evaluations of their teaching staff performance. The center started applying a system of teaching staff evaluation electronically round the first and second semester academic year, this trial still goes on up to this moment. The performance evaluation corresponds in accordance with best teaching-learning practices, it is also reconsidered when there is a need for that, depending  on scientific studies outcomes in this domains. Such evaluations are kept electronically in a system specified for that. Each staff member has the right to see his/her performance evaluation of the semester through his/her personal portal, so can plan for better performance in the future, and being encouraged to perform in accordance with high levels through best concerns and support of University board.
     FDC is looking forward to encourage studies and researches related to teaching sufficiency, training demands and evaluation devices of teaching staff, in addition to urge them to create a competitive and innovative academic environment through recommending an annual award titled " distinguished teaching staff of the year ".
Finally, it delights me to receive your suggestions and opinions on FDC's website, which no doubt improves the center's performance in the future. Disagreement ruins not amicability
Wishing the best fruitful cooperation with all…. Expressing my deep appreciation
Director of Faculty Development Center
dr.ahmed  al duwairi
 E-mail: idrduwairi@yahoo.com