The Design Elements and Building Techniques at the Traditional Jordanian Dwellings
This paper sheds light on vernacular and traditional architectural in Jordan, especially the residential traditional building. They are characterized by simplicity in the construction techniques and their relevance to the location and climate. Jordan has witnessed several civilizations during the time; as a result, there are various archaeological sites that proof the human settlement on its land. Each period of time left its impact on the building style; as a result, the vernacular and traditional architecture were found. So, the key role of the paper is to study the typical design elements, which were used in the vernacular architecture to satisfy the occupant?s needs. The other objective of the paper is to study the material and traditional building techniques that were used in the traditional buildings. Also, it classifies the traditional residential building into rural and urban building based on the time of emerging. The research methodology will base on the descriptive methods and on the secondary data of the traditional architecture. The result shows that the traditional residential building in Jordan can be classified into two main types are; fallhi house and urban house. Fallahi house contains the houses that constructed in the villages, where the urban houses contain the houses that constructed in the cities. Fallahi house contains several types are; Al-Qanater Houses and Al-Mastabeh houses. The urban houses contain the courtyard houses, three-bay houses and the gallery houses.
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