Surface Water Quality Monitoring and Pollution of Ismailia Canal, Egypt, Using GIS-Techniques
Ismailia Canal is one of the River Nile's main tributaries in Egypt. The main aim of this study was to assess the quality of the surface water of the Is-mailia canal. Water quality was determined using the geographic information system (GIS) environment and water quality index (WQI). Also, Residual Sodium Bi-carbonate (RSBC), Permeability Index (PI), Magnesium Adsorption Ratio (MAR), Kelley's Ratio and Soluble Sodium Percentage (SSP) were evaluated to determine the suitability of the water for irrigation. The results demonstrate that water from both the Abu Za'baal Fertilizer Company and in front of the Aluminium Sulphate Company stations is not suitable for irrigation and the water should be treated before being used for this purpose. In conclusion, sources of pollution affecting the Ismailia Canal should be monitored and adequate strategies developed for the safety of the ecosystem.
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