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Master's Degree

Admission Conditions:

Students are admitted to Al al-Bayt University to pursue studies at the Master's level on the following conditions:

  • A Bachelor's degree from a recognized institution with Good as the minimum average.
  • The applicant must prove that he was a full-time student at the Bachelor's level.
  • The applicant should have received the Jordanian General Secondary Education Certificate Tawjihi , or its equivalent. The minimum average required is 65%.
  • An applicant whose specialization in the Bachelor's level is different from that of the Master's must take prerequisite courses determined by the intended department or institute.
  • Students of all nationalities must pass an examination assessing the student's proficiency in Arabic and English. Students who do poorly in the examination are granted a conditional admission until he/she passes the examination. 

University Fees for the Students of the Master Level
Fees Type JD US $
Application Fee 15 15 JD
Admission Fee 150 450
Refundable Deposit/Humanities 5 5 JD
Refundable Deposit/Sciences 10 10 JD
Other Fees per semester (Sciences) 104 197.5
Other Fees per semester (Humanities) 54 197.5
Graduation Fee 60 60 JD
Teaching/Research Facilities (Humanities) 25 100
Teaching/Research Facilities (Sciences) 75 250
Credit Hour Fee for the Humanities 50 112.5
Credit Hour Fee for the Sciences 60 150


Application Procedure:

Applicant for admission to the University should fill out  the appropriate forms issued by the Office of Admission and Registration according to the University regulations. Applications for admission must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • A certified copy of the General Secondary Education Certificate .
  • A certified copy of the General Secondary Education Transcript .
  • A certified copy of the Birth Certificate .
  • A certified copy of the Family Identity Card for Jordanian applicants, and a certified copy of the Passport for non-Jordanian applicants.
  • A certified copy of the Military Service Identity Card for Jordanians.

If you need further information, or wish to request application form please click below to send an email to the Admission and Registration Department

e_mail: register@alalbayt.aabu.edu.jo


Degree Regulations and Requirements:

Students at the Master's level are expected to complete 33 credit hours (c.h.) distributed as follows:
  • University Requirements (6 c.h.): methods of scientific research, and methods of scientific research by Muslim scholars.
  • Compulsory Courses (9 c.h.): determined by the department or institute.
  • Elective Courses (6 c.h.): determined by the department or institute.

Dissertation and Thesis: Every student must submit and defend a suitable dissertation (9 c.h.).

Language Requirements: Every student must pass a qualification examination in a European language . Students who do poorly in this examination are required to take remedial courses. The language requirement should be completed before the end of the first calendar year. Graduates from universities other than Al al-Bayt University are required to take a course in Sciences of the Holy Qur'an . If the Master's thesis requires the knowledge of a certain Islamic languages the student is required to pass a qualification examination in that language. Students who cannot fulfill this requirement can to change their thesis topics. at the Master's level the passing grade is 70%. To graduate, the student's cumulative grade average should not be less than 75%.