On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to welcome you to the Department of Business Management, which was created to provide specialized cadres in the field of business management and to develop the necessary capabilities through providing innovative and effective management skills. We adopt the most recent international learning approaches, and the most updated education resources in order to prepare qualified graduates who can deal with the present-day requirements and meet the requirements of the labor market. We are dedicated to qualify our students, to be highly professional, and to be armed with the necessary knowledge and skills. We establish a supportive academic environment based on honesty and sincerity in conveying knowledge to our students. Through an outstanding academic staff in miscellaneous disciplines, the department seeks hardly to provide significant and influential research at both academic and practical fields. Finally, I urge students to make a big effort in the study years, and to reveal honorable morals and behaviors.

Best Wishes

Dr. Hayel T. Ababneh