• Tasks of the Department:

The tasks of the department are divided into:

•        Financial control:

It  takes over the following tasks:

A- Verifying the   authenticity and integrity of the revenues and expenses   estimates included in the budget.

B - Verifying that the university's due financial rights  are collected in a timely manner.

 C - Verifying that the expenses and bonuses are disbursed within the provisions agreed upon  in the university’s financial system and its  annual budget.

d- Monitoring the implementation of the university’s budget and its formations, and reviewing the final accounts and external auditors’ reports.

e- Monitoring  the adjusting entries, including deposits, advances, and current accounts, to verify the   validity of the entries.

f- Monitoring the investment of the university funds and the appropriateness of the   revenues it gets in return.

g- Monitoring warehouses and their restrictions, checking and organizing documents and records related to them, and ensuring that the records correspond to the actual assets  in the various warehouses at the university.

h- Reviewing the regulations, instructions, resolutions and financial procedures in force at the university and determining the deficiencies and shortcomings  and then proposing  the appropriate methods to fix and improve them and developing procedures and simplifying them.

i- Ensuring the correctness and safety of the application of laws, regulations, guidelines and decisions related to the university’s financial matters.

j. Verifying the accuracy of accounting procedures for transactions, financial documents and its supporting documents, which are related to revenues and expenses control and accuracy.

k. Checking the appropriate classification of the  financial statements and that the data they contain are accurate.

l. Identifying, dealing with, and correcting financial nonconformities.

m. Ensuring that the financial records and documents are used are reserved properly. 


Administrative Control:

It performs the following tasks:

A- Ensuring the implementation and application of administrative and technical decisions and their compliance with the laws, regulations, and instructions of the university.

B - Recommending   to amend the administrative legislation that regulate work, and providing  feedback to the  competent  bodies in order to follow up on its suitability to keep pace with recent developments and   improve the performance at the university.

C- Following up  the key issues of any administrative or technical malpractices in the university, resulting  from ambivalence and/or overlap of functions among the different entities, and providing suggestions and recommendations for either avoiding or correcting them.

d- Evaluating the levels of administrative performance, identifying the causes of deficiencies in work, and proposing appropriate remedial procedures that aims to improving the quality of performance.

e- Following up administrative  and technical procedures,  diagnosing risks or administrative or technical issuesand suggesting the appropriate mechanisms to be effectively dealt with it.

F- Auditing of the security and safeguard of information  and the authority to access this information. Furthermore, the administrative control takes over ensuring the existence of systems, software and plans to respond in cases of emergencies in accordance with formal references to safeguard the information security, whether electronic or paper-based.

G- Examining and evaluating the organizational structure and job description in the departments and centers of the university and   submitting suggestions necessary to updating them tin order to ensure the effective achievement of their goals.  

H. Ensuring that the university’s faculty members are appointed, promoted, and granted scholarships according to the appropriate procedures.

I- Ensuring the integrity of appointment and promotion procedures for the university’s administrative staff.

J- Following up the employees’ working hours   at the university and verifying all types of clearance check for both faculty and administrative staff.

K- Verifying the due process of administrative complaints whether internally or externally.

L - Monitoring and following up the  contracted projects’ implementation phases at the university to verify the safety of the implementation procedures, quality control and conformity with the technical specifications agreed upon

M -  Making sure that safety regulations and its standards are followed in all the university’s facilities.

N- Ensuring the proper use and regular maintenance of devices, machines, equipment, and vehicles.