To Excel (outstanding) at presenting teaching, searching, and social services on the local, regional, and international level and preparing cadre –staff who are able to participate in the economical and social development.


AL- al Bait University ( The House of The Prophet University ) is an academic establishment that attempts to upgrade ( promote ) the scientific , cultural , and civilized levels, work on keeping up with the technological developments in addition to following the modern directions of the higher education, encouraging the scientific research in order to carry out the applied and scientific researches .

          It also participates in serving and constructing the society within the domain (field) of the Islamic Values and Instructions with an emphasis on the scientific and systematic thinking, undertaking, and having the feeling of responsibility.

Core Values

  1. The feeling of belonging to the university.
  2. Diversity.
  3. Responsibility.
  4. Accuracy (Precision).
  5. Development and Modernization.
  6. Excellence (Outstanding).
  7. Commitment.
  8. Justice.
  9. Impartiality.
  10. Exchanging Respect.
  11. Diaphanousness.