The First Core: Teaching Process

The Strategic Goal 1/1: developing (advancing) the graduate level through the continuous development of the area of specialization and programs.
1/1/1: Originating (creating) studying programs suitable to the requirements of the work (labor) masters, knowledge economy, and the national development plans and reforming the structure of the programs and the studying specialization.
1/1/2: Originating (creating) MA. / PhD programs in participation with Advanced International Universities.
1/1/3 : Developing The Higher Institute of The Islamic Studies in order to create ( originate ) post-graduate ( higher ) studies that will carry out the studies and researches relating to the Islamic heritage and the Muslims' contributions in secular sciences , strengthening the connection with the peoples of the Islamic world especially in the aspects of the Islamic thought , education , economy , media , etc .
1/1/4 : Originating ( creating ) a regional center for water , environment , natural, and water dry (dehydrated) resources that attempts to reach the maximum benefits of the limited and natural resources in the area , and present the solutions for resolving the increasing water crisis .
1/1/5: Developing a center for emerging the Islamic, historical, scientific, cultural, social, and constructional heritage.
1/1/6: Re- structuring some colleges and institutes.

The Strategic Goal 1/2: Continuous Development for Studying Plans.
1/2/1: Modernizing the present studying plans in order to keep up with the scientific development and the requirements (demands) of the work (labor) – markets.
1/2/2: Moving gradually into partial electronic learning in order to move 25% of the courses into E-learning and provide specialized soft wares .

The Strategic Goal 1/3
1/3/1: Reinforcing the faculty through attracting competent staff.
1/3/2: Reinforcing faculty through attracting part-time lecturers from the neighborhood Jordanian universities and from the local society.
1/3/3: Reinforcing the faculty through home and abroad delegating and abroad delegating for the areas of specialization that are not available in the local market.
1/3/4: Developing the ability of the faculty in computer and English language.
1/3/5: Providing financial, housing, and immaterial (moral) encouragement in order to stabilize the present faculty.

The Strategic Goal 1/4
Increasing the number of the students and providing an appropriate university environment.
1/4/1: Increasing the total number of the students in the university from 12000 students (at the present time) to 20 000 students by 2013.
1/4/2: Developing the capability of the university to be able to attract foreign students from different world countries.
1/4/3: Developing the university environment for the students through:
- Sharing the students in the decisions relating to their academic achievements.
- Developing the representative student committee. - Providing the procedures for supporting the non-financial wealthy students.
- Originating (Forming) the necessary legislations for executing (carrying out) what mentioned above.
- Supporting the outstanding students through constructing a center for creativity and excellence.

The Second Core: Scientific Research:

The Strategic Goal 2/1
Providing the material and non-material requirements of the scientific research.
2/1/1: Encouraging scientific research that is directed towards knowledge economy development and computerizing teaching (instruction) and applied sciences.
2/1/2: Providing the necessary soft-wares and laboratory and computer supplies.
2/1/3: Originating (forming) the necessary legislations.

The Strategic Goal 2/2
Originating (forming) a mechanism for achieving excellence in the completed scientific researches.
2/2/1: Encouraging the scientific research that is directed towards the requirements (demands) of the applied researches.
2/2/2: Reinforcing the partnership between the university and the private sectors.
2/2/3: Originating (innovating) the legislations that are necessary for achieving what mentioned above.

The Strategic Goal 2/3
Insuring the scientific value of researches and its relationship with the objectives of the national development.
2/3/1 : Encouraging scientific research that is directed towards the participation in the locally and internationally treatment of the social , economical , instructional ( teaching ) , and environmental problems in the sense they comprise ( include ) invented and outstanding researches .
2/3/2: Originating (forming) the legislations that are necessary for the bases of promoting the Teaching Committee Members.

The Third Core: The Core of the Local Society Development.

The Strategic Goal: 3/1
The Geographical Opening Up in the direction of the City of AL-Mafraq.
3/1/1: Constructing a Western Gate for the university.
3/1/2: Constructing investment facilities on the new western road in the direction of the city of AL-Mafraq.
3/1/3: Co-coordinating with the specialized state authorities in order to construct a bridge for the university western entrance.

The Strategic Goal 3/2
Providing the support for the civilized social and cultural development for the society of mafraq city.
3/2/1/: The participation in originating (forming) the plans that are necessary for adapting the society production concept (concentrating on the non-produced individuals and qualifying them in order to be able to compete in the work (labor) markets)
3/2/2: Starting training courses in the computer, linguistic, and administrative skills for the individuals of the local society.
3/2/3: Providing the technological, technical, and financial support for the establishments of the civilian society of AL-Mafraq Governorate.

The Strategic Goal 3/3
The participation in the achievement of the economical development for the society of Mafraq Governorate.
3/3/1: Carrying out economic and social survey for Mafraq Governorate in order to provide a data base for the area and modernizing it continuously.
3/3/2: Starting symposiums and conferences about the skylines of the development and modernization in Mafraq Governorate.
3/3/3: Preparing the studies and suggestions for improving the benefit level that the local society can economically get from AL- al Bait University.
3/3/4: Activating the role of the investment fund in order to work in some investment projects in the areas of the university.
3/3/5: Participating in qualifying the technical and administrative abilities of the human labor forces in AL- Mafrak – economic zone.

The Fourth Core
The Core of the Technical and Administrative Development in the University.

The strategic Goal:4/1
Working on finding Interior Information Net.
4/1/1: Working on the completion of computerizing the colleges, institutes, centers, and the facilities of the university and constructing complete interior information net (Intranet).
4/1/2: Providing soft-wares and the necessary laboratory and computer devices (instruments).
4/1/3: Training the administrative and academic cadres who use the computer systems.

The Strategic Goal 4/2 Progressing in the project of higher education development.
4/2/1: Completing the infrastructural and computer construction that is necessary for the connection with the Information Net of the Jordanian Universities.
4/2/2: Providing the infrastructural and computer construction that is necessary for the connection with the administrative information system net of the Ministry of Higher Education (MIS).
4/2/3: Training the specialized cadres for executing and using what mentioned above.

The Strategic Goal 4/3: Working on achieving paperless administration.
4/3/1: Providing the infrastructural and computer construction that is necessary for achieving the paperless administration at 50 % of the administrative action (work) by 2013.

4/3/2: Providing the appropriate training for the administrative and academic cadres.

The Strategic Goal 4/4: Working on developing the organization structure of the university.
4/4/1: Re-structuring the administration facilities by conjoining some of them into administration units or by creating (forming) new administration departments.
4/4/2:  Providing the necessary cadres.

The Fifth Core:
The Core of Developing the University Campus: The Strategic Goal 5/1
Working on originating the structural plan (design) of the university (Master Plan)
5/1/1: Studying the location of the university and originating (forming) a structural plan (design) for the future expansion for a long time.

The Strategic Goal 5/2
Constructing new buildings for the university's colleges, institutes, and facilities (building sections)
5/2/1: Constructing buildings for the colleges and institutes in the university.
5/2/2: Constructing facilities (building sections) for the university.

The Strategic Goal 5/3
Working on developing the available buildings and facilities (building sections)
5/3/1: Preparing a plan for developing the available buildings and facilities (building sections), re-distributing them in accordance with the Use Demands, and constructing laboratory and halls for symposiums and conferences.

5/3/2: Re- distributing the plan of developing the buildings and facilities (building section) in the university.
5/3/3: Constructing laboratory and halls for the symposiums and conferences.
5/3/4: Designing and constructing a building for the library.
5/3/5: Designing and constructing a building complex for the Deanship of Students Affairs and Students Activities.
5/3/6: Designing and constructing the university western gate / AL- Mafrak.
5/3/7: Developing and expanding the building of the university presidency.
5/3/8: Designing and constructing the college of engineering.
5/3/9: Designing and constructing the college of sciences.
5/3/10: Designing and constructing the college of nursing.
5/3/11: Designing and constructing the college of Information Technology.
5/3/12: Designing and constructing sun-shaded and investment passage – ways, roads, and yards.
5/3/13: Facilitating the transportation in the university.
5/3/14: Supplying the housing facilities for the local and foreign students (males and females)
5/3/15: Organizing the entrances, streets and the instructional signs and the traffic – lights in the university.
5/3/16: Developing the southern area of the university
- Connecting the university with investment zone.
- Expanding the buses – complex and moving it to the main entrance.
-Developing and beautifying the university.
5/3/17: Constructing studies and consultation centers in Amman.
5/3/18: Constructing a model school for the employers' students.

The Sixth Core: The Core of the University Environment

The Strategic Goal 6/1
Cultivating the personality of the student, strengthening the feeling of the True (good) nationality, democratic practices, positive behavior, and developing the student's relationship positively with the Teaching and Administrative Committee Members.
6/1/1: Encouraging the systematic and non-systematic practices and activities.
6/1/2: Expanding the non-systematic student activities, developing the student's talents, and adopting his/her competitive and creative abilities.

The Strategic Goal 6/2
Developing the university material (concrete) environment and improving the services presented to the students in the university.
6/2/1 : Working on developing the infrastructure of the university and its material ( concrete ) environment ( the halls , the library , the internet , the laboratory , etc . )
6/2/2: Improving the services presented to the students (the cafeteria, the cultural centers, the restaurants, the air-conditioning and lightening, sport –yards, transportation, the relationship between the employers and the students)
6/2/3: The University Environment (making green areas, forming shrubs, flowers, etc).