AL- al Bait University (The Prophet's Family University) is an academic public, establishment for Higher Education. From the time of establishing AL-albeit University (The House of The Prophet University ), it has been working on preparing programs, plans, and teaching strategies in order to qualify the students vocationally, skillfully , and academically based on the needs of the local, Arab, and international markets. The University has always been attempting to form the integrated personalities of the graduates in order to face the challenges of the age through originating ( forming ) academic policies that believe in innovation , searching , and creativity along with preservation and elation ( glory ) of the importance of The Arab – Islamic Culture, reinforcing the culture of the dialogue, accepting  others' opinions, respecting the opinion and the dissent opinion in order to present the real vision of the university starting from that it is a life style and action ( work ) strategy mid – distance and moderation environment far-away from fanaticism, immoderation, and extravagance.

          The university aims at qualifying the student equilibratedly and training him / her on deriving benefits ( advantages ) from the Islamic and International knowledge resources , the research scientific methodology, qualifying the student in mastering other languages in order to have a chance for deriving direct benefits ( advantages ) from the knowledge that is written in these languages and to be a method ( way ) for the communication with the world, taking an interest in scientific research and post graduate ( higher ) studies especially the specialized researches that can solve the problems that are relating to the natural and human environment which is considered as local, Arabian, and international suffering. The University also aims at providing the scientific framework that calls for mending fences among the followers of The Islamic Ideologies, reinforcing the values of the dialogue that can provide the aspect of freedom of thinking, and expressing, comprehensive vision, constructing and developing scientific and specialized abilities. The university also aims at developing the peoples through affliation to The Islamic Civilization and through knowing and spreading its heritage and achievements.

           The University has also been works on promoting its academic position, developing the level of the services that are presented by the university along with the most important developments, the modern administrative, educational, and scientific concepts that are applied in the post-graduate (higher) studies field, and making use of the comprehensive and strategic planning in order to achieve the desired goals.

            Although the university has passed many advanced and developed stages since it was established , the recent flourishment, recent developments , and the government directives that are relating to the post-graduate ( higher ) studies require modernizing its action ( work ) frames and plans, re-developing and organizing its programs and teaching plans using and adapting the modern technology in order to perform its outstanding role to achieve its goals , bringing out the scientific , cultural and heritage aspects , developing its relationship with the public and private establishments and the local society in addition to the interactive relationship with the regional and international organizations in order to make the university a center ( location ) for creativity and for the necessary abilities for the social , economical , and cultural development at the local and international levels as well as it will be a center for creativity and academic excellence .

           As an emphasis for this orientation, the strategic plan 2008 – 2013 is composed. It deals with the integrated and multi-cores in order to develop AL- al Bait University's (The Prophet's Family University ) infrastructural , administrative , and academic constitution that will promote ( qualify ) the university to be one of the outstanding and advanced post-graduate (higher) educational establishment through development, advancement , organized, and systematic change .

The plan deals with the following cores:

1- Teaching (Instructional) Process.

2- Scientific Research.

3- Local Society Development.

4- Administrative and Technical Development in the University.

5- University Campus Development.

6- University Environment.

      The university has a co-operative relationship with many Arab and Foreign universities. The university also attempts to project a clear vision for the university during the next five years because the strategic planning provides the integration (unification) and organization of the efforts in order to achieve the objectives that are associated with the development of the performance and environment of the university and boosting its position in Jordan Society Development through its path finding role in order to be a head of Jordanian universities.