A Welcome from the President

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the website of AL al-Bayt University. The site has been designed to furnish present and prospective students with as much information about the university as possible, and to provide answers to most of the questions students may have about the lofty mission adopted by the University, programs it offers, etc.

On August 17, 1992, a Royal Decree was issued ordaining the establishment of AL al-Bayt University. As stated in the Royal Message, the University is to meet an urgent need for a new kind of university that provides the best possible environment for superior education and applied research that fulfill current and anticipated societal needs, with emphasis on emerging technologies, global change, and development. The University is also intended to offer curricula and hands-on training that nurture creative thinking and prepares students for productive careers that enable them to spearhead the development of Jordan’s national prosperity; and to uphold the Muslim principles of freedom, justice, tolerance, respect for other people’s beliefs and faiths, and co-existence.

I trust that this website reflects the kind of University of AL al-Bayt University aspires to be. You will find information about terms and conditions for admission, faculty members and their qualifications, courses offered across the University's Bachelor's and Master's programs, and the like. But, equally important, the site will serve as a forum for interaction between and amongst students, on the one hand, and between students and their teachers, on the other.

AL al-Bayt University seeks to contribute effectively and efficiently to a continuous and comprehensive Arab development by offering educational programs and adopting learning methodologies which are aimed at achieving the principles of "education for all," "relevance of education," "quality education,' and "interactive education," inspired by the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein who is endowing this institution with his active support and encouragement.

While these web pages will prove informative insight about the University, we invite you to visit our University campus to learn more about the benefits of earning a degree from our University.

Your feedback and comments on this website and on other issues of importance to your academic and social life at our University are highly appreciated, valued and most welcome.

Nabil Shawaqfeh


AL al-Bayt University