​Safeguarding challenging’s and Practices

Jordan is committed to the promotion and protection of human rights. Jordanians and the Syrian refugees in Jordan have much in common, including language, culture and religions.  The common cultural factors between Jordanians and Syrian refugees do not eliminate small discrepancies in habits and customs. Everyone living in Jordan is protected from discrimination and has the right to present complaints of discrimination to courts. Acts of violence or provocation against a person or any group of persons is a crime, and discriminatory propaganda, including in the media, as well as the incitement to violence, terrorism, racial or religious hatred is prohibited by the law in Jordan.
The rights of refugees are respected in Jordan and any limitation of their rights is within the limits of international instruments, adding that in Jordan, diversity is a strength.
Our university (AABU) provides an appropriate environment for Syrian refugees. No cases were reported as discrimination during the past two years in the certificate program. All students have the right to study, to move freely inside the university, and to use all facilities as well as Jordanian students.
However, due to being displaced, financial problems, limited resources in refugee camps, poor housing, death of relatives and friends because of the civil war, some Syrian refugees suffer depression and emotional strains. It is for these reasons that the certificate program at AABU provides them with mentoring and psychosocial support