Network and Technical Support Department


The department consists of three main divisions:

  1. Network Division
  2. Technical Support Division
  3. Communications Division



  1. Periodically monitor the university's network infrastructure and ensure continuous internet service across all university facilities.
  2. Promptly address any issues related to internet service as they arise.
  3. Coordinate with the security Division to enforce security policies on the LAN.
  4. Expand the network to include newly established departments.
  5. Follow up the implementation of tenders and purchase requests related to network devices, such as wireless network services, new surveillance cameras, and fingerprint systems.
  6. Periodically monitor the surveillance camera system.
  7. Follow up the employee attendance system, troubleshoot technical issues, and manage fingerprint systems.
  8. Follow up the status of fingerprint devices at the university.
  9. Develop technical specifications for computer devices and accessories.
  10. Receive devices and their accessories, install, and configure them.
  11. Perform necessary technical maintenance for all desktop and laptop computers and their accessories.
  12. Participate in training courses conducted by the Consultation and Training Center.
  13. Monitor the lifecycle of computer devices.
  14. Provide training services on computer devices and software for the employees.
  15. Ensure the LAN connection for the user's devices.
  16. Execute all technical tasks related to network and Telephone-lines maintenance.
  17. Maintain and repair phones, fax machines, and communication system accessories.
  18. Manage all incoming internal and external communications during official working hours and beyond.
  19. Monitor the automated Telephone switch system and perform necessary maintenance for main servers (IP, DIGITAL, ANALOGUE).
  20. Install and activate new telephone lines and extend them in university facilities.
  21. Follow up the maintenance contracts.