​The Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies was established with the inception of the university in 1994. In 2005, the Deanship of Scientific Research was separated from the Deanship of Graduate Studies. The Deanship works to motivate researchers from faculty members and researchers to conduct original and innovative research, which contributes to enriching knowledge and community service. It also seeks to cooperate with scientific and research bodies and institutions by conducting joint research and exchanging knowledge and experiences.

Objectives of the Deanship of Scientific​ Research: -

  • ​​Encouraging faculty members and other researchers to conduct innovative scientific research by providing them with the necessary research means and capabilities to enabling them finish their research in an appropriate scientific atmosphere.
  • Establishing database for ongoing and completed research at the university, and exchanging research information with other universities and research centers.
  • Following-up on-going research, and working with researchers to provide them with the necessary financial resources to spend on research from the university budget or external sources.
  • Proposing the university's annual research plan.
  • Suggesting instructions and procedures to regulate the scientific research activities at the university.
  • Approving scientific research projects and following-up their implementation and arbitration.
  • Cooperating with the various research centers outside the university and organizing the process of communicating with research centers outside the university (local and international) to developing cooperation with these centers on joint research projects.
  • Coordinate research work at the university to eliminate duplication in its performance, and to encourage joint research between departments, faculties and institutes to raise the efficiency and effectiveness of using available resources.
  • Receiving requests for scientific research support from faculty members and study these requests through the Scientific Research Council to provide the appropriate research projects with the finical and logistics support for its implementation.
  • Supervising research projects sponsored by parties outside the university.
  • Supervising the financial disbursement procedures from the allocations of scientific research projects.
  • Publishing books and scientific reports that are approved by the Scientific Research Council.
  • Publishing research approved by the editorial boards of the journals issued by the Deanship.
  • Supporting and sponsoring research groups to which faculty members at the university belong.
  • Consolidating the ethics of scientific research and spreading scientific culture.​