About Program and it's main topics

Overview of the Department:
The Computer Science Department was established at the beginning of the academic year 1995 at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, offering programs in computer science at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. This initiative aimed to contribute to the development process in the Kingdom by preparing graduates capable of playing essential roles in various public and private institutes. After the establishment of the Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II College for Information Technology, the Computer Science Department was relocated to become, alongside the Information Systems Department, the core foundation of the college in the early academic year 2001. This move was undertaken to keep pace with developments in information technology, apply them in practical fields, and prepare students to specialize in this vital area to serve the Kingdom in sectors requiring this important expertise. The department strives to introduce new programs in the field of computer science applications, defining the graduate specifications to align with the requirements of the job market at both the undergraduate and master's levels.