I would like to welcome you in the official page of Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of Information Technology. Since its establishment in 2001, the school of Information Technology has contributed to the enhancement of its students skills in numerous disciplines and participated through its exceptional students in several programming competitions both locally and internationally.

Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of Information Technology offers both Bachelor and Masters Degrees, and its alumni have been successful in different fields as many of them pursued graduate studies and graduated from a number of reputed universities and work for some of the largest corporations in the world.

The department of computer science was established in the academic year of 1994/1995 as part of the Science and Arts School. Then in 2001 Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of Information Technology was established with two departments, computer science and information systems. 

Nowadays, the school of Information Technology grants undergraduate degrees in the fields of computer science, computer information systems, management information systems, and information and system security. It also grants Master’s degree in the fields of computer science and Information and communication technology for education. 

Currently there are more than 1200 undergraduate students enrolled in the school of Information technology, along with over 66 graduate students. The school has 31 faculty members who earned their doctorate degrees from numerous outstanding universities and currently hold various academic ranks. Furthermore, there are 18 teaching assistants and lab supervisors who are responsible for the practical part of the curriculums and 6 administrative staff. The school of Information Technology is equipped with 23 state of the art labs which serve and support the educational process this is in addition to several teaching class rooms and other facilities.

Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of Information Technologyexcels in conducting numerous activities and workshops for its students through effective collaboration between faculty members and private sector organizations. The purpose of these activities is mainly to foster and boost students’ personal and mental skills. Al al-Bayt University sponsored a number of the School’s exceptional graduates who earned their PhDs from some of the outstanding universities in the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.



School Vision

Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of Information Technology aspires to become a leader in offering academic programs and provide the best and most advanced teaching and research services in addition to creating a healthy competitive environment and build bridges of communication with the local community as well as international prospects.

Our vision focuses on being an incubator for excellence and entrepreneurship in order to equip our graduates with the skills and expertise necessary for them to excel in the job market or in future graduate studies. This is in addition to equip our students with a high standard of ethics.

School Mission

Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of Information Technology is committed to prepare highly qualified graduates both academically and ethically to meet the needs of the market, community, and the nation in accordance with the ethical and spiritual values. Our mission also stresses on the importance of providing the best teaching and research opportunities possible within our capacity in a quality level which matches or exceeds the local and international standards.

School Objectives

Continuous review of our academic programs to ensure they are up to date and match the needs of the job market and society
Effective participant and collaboration with the local community
Improve the performance of the faculty and staff within the school

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