Department in brief

The mission, vision and philosophy of adult health nursing department are congruent with Princess Salma Faculty of Nursing.

Courses taught by the department include: adult health nursing (theory and clinical), health assessment (theory and clinical), pathophysiology, advanced adult health nursing (thoery and clinical), pharmacology, biochemistry, accident and emergency nursing (theory and clinical) ,intensive clinical training and First Aids.

Nursing theoretical and clinical courses offered by the department focus on health deviation of adults including acute and chronic illnesses, health assessment, health promotion, human responses to health concerns, nursing clinical decision making, ethical and legal consideration in nursing care.

Students in the clinical courses are trained in a high standard health care institutions, including hospitals of the Ministry of Health and the Royal Medical Services.

Beside the teaching role, the department incorporates research role as major part of the faculty activities. The members of the adult health department interests including informatics in nursing, patients with coronary artery disease, infection control, patient spirituality, emergency and disaster management, and palliative care among patients with cancer.