Aviation Technology and sciences have grown rapidly in the Middle East during the past decade; Al Al-Bait University in its’ attempt to cope with every new aspect of this blooming sector has established The Faculty of Aviation Sciences at the beginning of the academic year 2015/2016. We are exceptionally proud of working in collaboration with the Royal Jordanian Air Force to graduate aviation pilots and navigators.

Although the Faculty was originally meant to qualify and graduate only RJAF pilots and navigators in aviation related majors, these programs will be opened to civilian students from around the world.

Our students undertake a wide range of aviation related subjects in a university academic level which includes:

- Theoretical courses on how do aircrafts fly such as, Aerodynamics, Aircraft Operations ….etc.

- How to actually operate and fly an aircraft such as, Flight Navigation, Meteorology ….etc.

- Aviation industry rules and regulations such as, Aviation law, Flight safety …etc.

We also provide a state of the art flight control simulator to enable our students to apply theories and work in a realistic work environment.

Two majors are now open to civilians, Aircraft pilot for both fixed and rotary wings: after completing the academic credited hours, the student will proceed to train and fly RJAF aircrafts until his training and qualifications are complete.

The second major is Air Traffic Controller; after completing the academic credited hours students will be qualified using the latest simulator technology in the region.

Prof. Hatem Widyan
Dean Faculty of Aviation Sciences

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