Welcome to the Facultative Humanitarian Requirements!

     The Department of Facultative Humanitarian Requirements represents an iconic educational center and a basic cognitive unit in AABU which works along with other academic departments in a collaborative framework to refine students’ skills of different specializations in terms of knowledge, awareness and reasoning. Abiding by this approach symbolizes the philosophy of our honorable university to graduate a featured generation of conscious students who are competent of developing their mental efficiency as well as their analytic skills once integrated with the job market and who are qualified to gain success in all spheres of life.

     In addition, the department facilitates a pure academic environment in which students of different cultures can interact with their common knowledge. This in turn will reinforce their capabilities to reach good levels in higher education and scientific research. Furthermore, it will contribute to affording the university a privileged position among other universities worldwide, on the other hand.



Email: drfaisal_almayouf@aabu.edu.jo


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