Section provides an academic program designed to develop the knowledge, skills and students; to keep pace with the continuous in the modern business environment changes. to contribute and participate in the development of faculty of Finance and Business Administration roles, the development of leadership, scientific research, and the development of society in general; to maintain the traditions of the section related to supply high-quality educational programs, and the section is committed to achieve outstanding levels of teaching, providing high requirements for materials, the provision of academic guidance, practical, cooperation with academic and practical orientation organizations, to achieve high section degrees of coordination, and cooperation with students; to contribute development of the department and various functions.


Department of Finance and Banking derives it's vision from  mission of Al al-Bayet University, which expressed particular through the university's policies, to seek section has the ability to continue these roles in Jordan through provision of high quality educational programs in financial and banking fields, also to take into account academic excellence, appropriate practice and service society as a whole.


1-Graduating qualified and a high degree of education and training in the disciplines of Finance and Banking at excellence locally and abroad.

2-Employment of human knowledge and benefit of Finance and Banking.

3-To serve government, business sector and various community service organizations, also contributing to the submission of proposals, policies and procedures that enable them to overcome the economic, administrative and financial problems.

4-.Do the necessary research and studies in line with the mission of the university and its prestigious scientific

The mission:

Department of Banking and Financial Sciences offers bachelor's program, to a variety of students, including graduates of general guideline, employees and managers, from inside and outside the Kingdom, also Section seeks to increase and diversify its programs with a continued focus on improving the quality of all programs offered.

Dr. Omar Khlaif Gharaibeh