Synthesis, characterization and molecular structure of [1-HOCPh2-2-NHMe2C6H4][MeSO3]center dot MeSO3H
BEt2(OSO2CH3) was treated with l-HOCPh2-2-NMe2C6H4 (1) in the presence of acetic acid to give a red oily residue, which was separated by column chromatography into the two products [1-HOCPh2-2-NHMe2-C6H4][MeSO3](MeSO3H)-Me-. (2) and the known compound (BEt)(2)(mu-O)(mu-O,O'-O2CCH3)(2) (3). Compound 2 was prepared independently from 1 and methylsulfonic acid. Compound 2 was characterized spectroscopically (NMR, IR) and by crystal structure determination. The latter shows the association of two ions and one molecule [1-HOCPh2-2-NHMe2C6H4](+), [MeS03]- and MeSO3H by hydrogen bonding. (c) 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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