Physical and Geometrical Parameters of VCBS XIII: HIP 105947
The perfect physical and geometrical parameters of the main-sequence close visual binary system (CVBS), HIP\,105947, are explicitly presented. These parameters have been constructed conclusively using Al-Wardat's complex method for analyzing CVBSs, which is a method for constructing a synthetic spectral energy distribution (SED) for the entire binary system using individual SED for each component star. Which in its turn built using Kurucz ({\fontfamily{cmtt}\selectfont ATLAS9}) line-blanketed plane-parallel models. At the same time, the orbital parameters for the system are calculated using Tokovinin's dynamical method for constructing the best orbits of the interferometric binary system. Henceforth, the mass-sum of the components, the $\triangle\theta $ and $\triangle\rho $ residuals for the system are introduced. The combination of Al-Wardat's and Tokovinin's methods yields the estimation of the physical and geometrical parameters to their best values. The positions of the components of the system on the evolutionary tracks and isochrones are plotted, and their formation and evolution are discussed.
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