Physical and geometrical parameters of CVBS. XII. FIN 350 (HIP 64838)
A complete astrophysical and dynamical study of the close visual binary system (CVBS) Finsen 350 (A7V + F0V), is presented. Beginning with the entire observational spectral energy distribution (SED) and the magnitude difference between the subcomponents, Al-Wardat's complex method for analyzing CVBS was applied as a reverse method of building the individual and entire synthetic SEDs of the system. This was combined with Docobo's analytic method to calculate the new orbits. Although possible short (approximately 9 years) and long period (of about 18 years) orbits could be considered taking into account the similar results of the stellar masses obtained for each of them (3.07 and 3.41 M ?, respectively), we confirmed that the short solution is correct. In addition, other physical, geometrical and dynamical parameters of this system such as the effective temperatures, surface gravity accelerations, absolute magnitudes, radii, the dynamical parallax, etc., are reported. The Main Sequence phase of both components with age around 0.79 Gyr is approved.
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