Faculty of Educational Sciences holds a lecture entitled The Visually Impaired between Challenges and Services

The Faculty of Educational Sciences held a lecture entitled "The Visually Impaired: Between Challenges and Services" presented by Mrs. Hanan Daghash, Head of the Association of the Blind in Zarqa, and attended by the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Saleh Al-Shorofat.

The lecture aimed to introduce the social, educational and psychological challenges facing the visually impaired in society, in addition to the need to provide educational services and support tools that they lack. Mrs. Daghash also displayed her personal experience with the visual disability she suffers from and how she is coexisting with this disability in her professional and family life.

The lecture, further, included discussions and questions about the best ways to confront the challenges of visual impairment, especially in childhood, in addition to the moral and legal responsibility of the concerned authorities considering providing various services for this category of citizens.

The lecture was attended by the Head of the Department of Psychological Sciences and Special Education, Prof. Iyad Hamadna, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Khazaleh, and a number of faculty members and students​​