Workshop on Renewable Energy in Jordan at Al al-Bayt

As part of its extracurricular activities, the Faculty of Engineering organized a workshop on renewable energy in Jordan at Al-Bakhit Auditorium, presented by Eng. Samer Zawaideh, a specialist in the field of renewable energy and its systems.

Zawaideh explained the importance of establishing a student branch of the association at Al al-Bayt University, which is one of the 14 most important branches in Jordanian universities. He highlighted the significance of using renewable energy in Jordan, given that Jordan ranks globally in the production of solar energy, and this is a national wealth that every Jordanian must benefit from, especially the University's engineers will develop ideas to enable local communities to use clean energy.

The Head of the Renewable Energy Engineering Department, Prof. Mohammad Al-Smairan, indicated that holding such workshops comes within the framework of the activities of the Faculty of Engineering to inform students and specialists of the latest developments regarding renewable energy in Jordan and the world. This is due to the global trend of reliance on renewable energy sources as an alternative source for fossil fuels in light of the global rise in oil prices and the challenges facing the oil market.

At the end of the workshop, which was attended by a number of renewable energy specialists and students, the lecturer answered the attendees' questions and inquiries​