Al al-Bayt University signs a memorandum of understanding with the National Employment and Training

President of Al al-Bayt University, Prof. Hani Al-Dmour, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Director General of the National Employment and Training, Brigadier General Abdullah Ahmed Al-Naimi.

The memorandum focused on cooperation in the field of educating Jordanian society about the importance of vocational work through holding workshops and seminars, educating and qualifying students to practice professions in the fields of logistics, energy, languages, computer science and artificial intelligence in coordination between the two parties, and conducting joint survey studies for the professions required in the Jordanian labor market in these sectors with prior agreement on financial costs.

It also included supporting vocational and technical training through designing specialized vocational training programs for youth in line with the national strategy for human resource development in joint coordination between the two parties, developing the local community through designing and implementing high quality training programs that provide skilled manpower in the above mentioned fields, and providing graduate trainees with training and employment opportunities in the industrial sector within the available capabilities.

Furthermore, the terms of the memorandum involved sharing data regarding training programs and workshops, according to the instructions in force, benefiting from the available capabilities of infrastructure, specialized cadres, educational equipment and scientific laboratories of both parties through an executive work plan, exchanging experiences in the field of training trainers and supervisors, curricula, programs as well as preparing educational materials, marketing training programs of both parties within the available capabilities, and participating in joint project proposals in order to obtain support from donors internally and externally as needed to ensure the development of vocational training programs in Jordan.

Al-Dmour highlighted the importance of this cooperation and joint efforts between the two parties towards providing training programs of the professions required for the local and foreign markets, pointing out the potential of the University in making this joint cooperation successful, achieving the goals of the memorandum and serving the local communities.

Brigadier General Al N'aimi expressed his thanks and appreciation to Al al-Bayt University for the efforts made to build bridges of cooperation with the National Training and Employment for the purpose of benefiting from the expertise and joint work between the two parties.

The signing of the memorandum was attended, from the side of the company, by the director of human resources, Mamdouh Al-Rakkad, the training consultant, Eng. Mohammad Al-N'aimi, the director of the green Zeo Light Company, Dr. Ali Al-Seddah, and the director of the human resources office, Alaa Abu Rumman . On the side of Al al-Bayt University, the signing was attended by president assistant for international marketing, Dr. Mohammad Al-Hadab, and the director of public relations and media Dr. Reem Al-Zoubi.