Discussing aspects of cooperation between Al al-Bayt and Al-Mafraq Development Area

In order to enhance partnership between Al al-Bayt University and Al-Mafraq Development Area, Dr. Mohammad Al-Hadab, President Assistant for Innovation and International Marketing, met with the director of Al-Mafraq Development Area, Ms. Lisa Al-Doghmi. The meeting dealt with strengthening means of cooperation between the University and the Development Area and activating the role of national institutions in serving the local community and university students.

Dr. Al-Hadab indicated that the University has distinguished relations with a number of national companies and institutions within the scope of Al-Mafraq Development Area and in Jordan with the aim of promoting partnership in the service of both parties and the State in general.

He stressed that Al al-Bayt University, which is considered a scientific beacon at the local and external levels and contributes to the graduation and rehabilitation of competencies, undertakes to contribute to the development of the local community through various programs, courses and activities.

Lisa Al-Doghmy, in turn, expressed her thanks for the University administration's initiative in communicating and cooperating with official and private institutions which reflects positively on the surrounding area and the local community. She pointed out the Development Area's readiness to collaborate in various fields of development, training, education, and investment in addition to receive students in companies and factories in the disciplines that require practical training in order to support the University's educational process and prepare students for the labor market.

The two parties expressed their readiness to sign a memorandum of understanding in various joint fields to implement a number of programs and projects that contribute to advancing investment, rehabilitation, training and employment, which contributes to reducing unemployment and employing trained and qualified competencies.

This meeting was attended by Dr. Saleh Al-Zyoud and Mr. Khaled Nadim from the staff of the Excellence Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship​​​