Al-Dmour inaugurates the activities of the scientific seminar “The Memory of Heritage and the Horizons of Culture and Touri

Prof. Hani Al-Dmour, President of the University, inaugurated the activities of the scientific seminar accompanying the first Mafraq International Cultural Tourism Festival, which was launched under the auspices of the Minister of Culture.

Al-Dmour emphasized that Mafraq Governorate is not an emergency in history. He indicated that its deep past extending through time and space has proved the human activity in the region since ancient times.

Prof. Al-Dmour highlighted the role of Al al-Bayt University in achieving cultural development in Mafraq, spreading enlightening global thought, and bringing about a hopeful positive change. He confirmed that the University sought to take care of examining the surrounding environment from several aspects, namely: intellectual, cultural, historical, economic, urban, environmental, tourism and health aspects.

At the end of the seminar, an extensive discussion took place between the lecturers and attendees, in which the attendees' questions and inquiries were answered. On behalf of the University President, Prof. Mohammad Al-Harahsheh, the vice president for academic affairs, sponsored the honoring of the participants with certificates.​