​About us

Proceeding from the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II, his patronage, and his directives to motivate young people, to develop their capabilities, and direct youth energies towards innovation, excellence and entrepreneurship. The Center of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship was established at Al al-Bayt University to embrace innovative, pioneering and creative students. The center also disseminates the culture of pioneering and innovative thought among students and support them by providing pioneering workshops, courses and programs, offered that entrepreneurship and emerging, medium and small enterprises are among the most important drivers of economic growth, because of their significant impact on creating job opportunities. The center also provides a business incubator that provides entrepreneurial students with the appropriate environment to develop their entrepreneurial ideas into emerging and successful small projects.

      Giving the importance of leadership and innovation, the center provides students and all target groups with the skills and knowledge necessary for innovation and entrepreneurship. The center seeks to market their ideas and support them through participation in international and local competitions related to leadership and innovation.