The program includes the following:

1) Tuition at the Language Centre for international students are not the same for the department the student wants to enroll in. It is (30JDs) for the one credit hour. For example, the student has to pay (10 JDs) for the one credit hour if he/ she wants to enroll in Islamic Jurisprudence at the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic studies plus the tuition of courses taught at the Language Centre.  In that, the tuition for each 12-credit hour-course will be (360 JDs/ 508 dollars).

Students admitted at the Language Centre are required to take the Arabic language assessmnet test to determine their language proficiency level within four levels.  The student is required to take 12 credit hours in each level per week.  Each academic semester is of 16 weeks followed by an extensive summer course.  In each level, the student will study the four skills of the language (reading, listening, writing and speaking).

2) The Language Centre offers special courses throughout the academic year only if at least five students are enrolled (the visitor scholar program):
- A one-month course (64 credit hours) for (300 JDs/ 425 dollars).
- A two-month course (64 credit hours) for (300 JDs/ 425 dollars).
- A two-month course (96 credit hours) for (400 JDs/ 565 dollars).

3) The university offers female students only housing for (165 JDs/ 235 dollars) each academic semester.
4) The university will also provide transportation from the airport to campus, and back to the airport provided that at least five students are signed.  The cost will be (25 JDs) for each student.
 For further quest and quiries, you can contact us through:

Language Centre
Al al-Bayt Univerity
Mafraq, Jordan
Ext. Director 2401
Ext. Secretary 2419-2402
Fax 0096226297028