Establishment of the fund and its committees

The fund investment foundations return to the University, under the system of investment fund for al - Bayt University No. 76 of 1998 and its amendments issued under Article 32 of the al - Bayt University Law No. (17) for the year 1997 .

The investment fund of Al al-Bayt University consists of:

a) The Higher Committee for Investment, which is represented by: -

- Professor Dr.Hani al.Damour                      University President
-  Mr. Mohammed Khalaf ako Irsheida
- Eng. Abdullah Ghosheh 
- Eng. Nayef Al-Bakhit
- Mr. Mohamed Zidaniya
- Prof. Juma'a Abbad
- Prof. Omar Ateen
- - Mr. Hussein Bani Hamad                         Secretary of the Committee

b) The administrative and financial staff of the Fund, consisting of:


 -Mr.Sufian hraze                     Director of the Investment Fund​

 -  Ahmed Al-Hamwan                      Chief of staff Finance Division​   

 - Khaled Al-Jaraydah                       Chief of staff  Internal Audit Division

  - Firas Al-Shdeifat                          Chief of staff Investments Division

  - Masar Batayneh                           Chief of staff Investment Fund 

  - Moaz Al-Khawaldeh                       Correspondent​