Steps to Complete Admission Procedures for Undergraduate Students Admitted by the Unified Coordination Unit


Logging in the University website to extract the university numbers or click here.


After accessing the site, please click on the new students program link to extract University numbers.


Printing the student data document and the bank slip containing the (university number and the required amount including hours and registration fees).


Taking the bank slip to one of the banks' branches or authorities involved in the electronic payment service "fawateercom" to pay the fees (To know the banks and authorities involved in the service press here.)


Checking at the University according to the deadline for each specialization (based on announcement) to complete the admission procedures accompanied by the money receipt and student data document in addition to the following documents:


Original General Secondary transcript in Arabic for students who have the Jordanian General Secondary


-  Copy of the General Secondary transcript by the Ministry of Education for those who have the General Secondary outside Jordan


-  Original birth certificate or a certified copy (on which the national number is attached).


-   The Military Service Book for male students (where the student is delaying the service).


Certified copy of the Civil Status identification card or a certified copy of the passport for non-Jordanian students.


-     Two recent photos (4*6) cm.

Note: It is preferable to attach (CD) that includes the previous documents (each document is separate from the other) in a (PDF) format to facilitate and speed up admission procedures.


Jordanian male students need to check at the representatives of the Military Service to postpone the service and install the postponement on computer.


Submitting the above documents with the CD to the representatives of the Admissions and Registration Department


Submitting a personal photo to the representatives of the Deanship of Student Affairs to obtain a Student's Identification Card and password.


Applying for the placement tests (Arabic, English, Computer) in Language Centre laboratories at the University on the same or next day of registration from (10:00 am – 2:00 pm) or equation of the test(s) in case the student has studied the relevant courses of the test at other universities or has ICDL certificate (To access Language Centre click here).

Key Notes:

The pre-prepared course package will be registered by the Admission and Registration Department (automatically) so that the student can view or print his/her schedule from the electronic portal. Click here to access the student portal