First: Bachelor Program:

  1. To have a vacant seat in the major he wishes to move to.
  2. He must have successfully studied at his university at least (33) credit hours included in the calculation of his cumulative average, and the marks of these courses do not enter into the calculation of his cumulative average at the university.
  3. His high school average is acceptable in the major he wishes to move to at the university in the year of obtaining general secondary certificate, or that his cumulative average in the courses he studied at his university is not less than (very good) and in this case the student moves to the same accepted major in his university.
  4. His previous studies are in accordance with the method of regularity in the study, he is accepted in the regular program and of good conduct in the university he transferred from, and that he was not dismissed from his previous university for any reason whatsoever.
  5. The dean of the college may consider the possibility of a student moving to a major corresponding to the one he is studying at his university in the event that it is not available at the university.


Second: Master Program:

The student may move from programs at another university to another program at the university if he fulfills the admission requirements, a vacant seat is available in the program he wishes to move to, and that the cumulative average is not less than very good.

For more information, please refer to the regulations of: Bachelor, Article (28) and Master, Article (18).