Closing of the activities of Al al-Bayt University International Cultural and Tourism Festival


Al al-Bayt University concluded, on Wednesday evening 25/May/2022, the activities of the first Al al-Bayt University International Cultural and Tourism Festival 2022, which was held over four days, starting on Sunday 22/May, in line with the Kingdom's celebrations of the 76th Independence Day. The festival included honoring a number of commanders of the security services, media agencies, institutions that cooperated with the University, businessmen and artists.

The last day was distinguished by its diversity in attendance of a delegation from the Indonesian embassy headed by Mr. Shahr Al-Aidi Mazat, a graduate of Al al-Bayt University in 2005, and a member of the Royal Committee for the Modernization of the Political System, Prof. Maysa Beydoun, commanders of security services, and Mayor of the Great Mafraq Municipality.

The festival's activities on its last day included bazaars, handicrafts and productions of the participants from Mafraq Governorate, the participation of the Salt Folklore Band, the Hashemite University Choir, Ahmed Fayyad Band, Bani Hassan Folklore Band, and Rwwad Al-Shamal Band, folk and heritage acts and dances, followed by a comic sketch by Hosni Al-Khodour.

The judo team of the Eastern Military District presented a show of martial arts and individual skills of members of the armed forces, in addition to a singing action by the singer Ahmad Al-Draisah. Poetry was strongly present at the festival, where the poets, Prof. Harbi Al-Masry, Ahmed Al-Harahsheh, Mohammad Al-Masa'eed and Abdullah Al-Badareen presented their patriotic and lyrical poems, which won the audience's approval.

The festival activities coincided with holding a cultural seminar and sightseeing trips aimed at promoting the tourist areas in Mafraq Governorate, which contains many historical churches and heritage sites and museums.

The festival activities were ended with a speech by the President of the University, Prof. Hani Al-Dmour, in which he expressed his great thanks to all those who contributed to the success of the festival's activities, led by the Governor of Mafraq Governorate, the Ministry of Culture, Arab and foreign embassies, the security services, Mafraq and Irbid Culture Directorates, and the bodies that provided financial and in-kind support to the festival, institutions and media sites, associations and bodies in the Governorate, the Deanship of Student Affairs, and all university departments. Then, he authorized the extinguishing of the festival torch