We are pleased to welcome you to the Community Development and Service Center at Al al-Bayt University, which was established in 2022 to achieve the university's vision of progressing towards globalization, leadership and excellence in community development and service, and raising a conscious generation that believes that happiness is in giving, not in taking, by developing the spirit of volunteerism among our children and students and strengthening their sense of social responsibility.

   The Community Development and Service Center is keen on developing leaders who have a global view on social issues and work in a group spirit through partnership, cooperation, and teamwork.

    The center takes a participatory approach with community institutions and community leaders for the sake of providing quality development services that aim to achieve sustainable development and participatory work by organizing community service activities, linking them to the university community, and implementing them within a specific time plan.

We look forward, through building partnerships with civil society institutions, to harnessing them to serve the community and involving the students in the implementation of voluntary community activities as the relationship that leads to sustainable development and reaching globalization is a participatory relationship between the university community in all its categories and the local community in all its segments and institutions.

 Director of the  Developing and Community Service Center

 Dr. Abeer Talilan

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