Admission Requirements and Required Documents and Fees for the Parallel Program


Admission Requirements:

1.     The minimum average for admission to Engineering specialties is (80%), in the specialties of Nursing and Medical Laboratories (70%), and in the other specializations (65%) based on the admission rules accredited by the Council of Higher Education, which are issued annually.

2.     Citizens of the following Arab countries: Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Republic of Yemen and the State of Kuwait are requested to submit a No Objection letter from the Cultural Attaché of their respective countries in Jordan before completing their admission procedures.


Required Documents (non-refundable):

1.     Original General Secondary transcript in Arabic for students who have the Jordanian General Secondary

2.     Original General Secondary transcript for students who have the Arab Secondary certified from the Jordanian Ministry of Education

3.     Equation of General Secondary Certificate and certification of the grades' transcript from the Jordanian Ministry of Education for students who have foreign General Secondary

4.     Recently issued birth certificate or a certified copy on which the national number of Jordanian students is attached.

5.     Copy of valid Civil Status identification card certified by the Department of Civil Status for Jordanian students.

6.     Certified copy of valid passport and birth certificate for non-Jordanian students.

7.     The Military Service Book for male Jordanian students.

8.     Two personal photos (4*6) cm.


Fees Required when Applying:

1.     (25) Twenty five Jordanian Dinars: application fee.

2.     (25) Twenty five Jordanian Dinars: admission fee.

3.     (20) Twenty Jordanian Dinars: insurance fee (refundable).

4.     (30) Thirty Jordanian Dinars: replacement test fee (English, Arabic, Computer).