Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at the Al al-bayt university was founded in 1992, offering B.A. Degrees in Accounting, Accounting information systems,Accounting and business law, Business administration, Economics of finance and business, Finance and banking, and Banking and financial information systems, as well as MA Degrees in Accounting,Business administration (MBA), Finance and banking, Public administration and Economics of finance and business

The faculty provides an integrated study of social sciences by combiningfour departments:Department of business administration, Department of banking and finance, Department of economics of finance and business and Department of accounting.

The Faculty of Economics and administrative sciences strives for the continuous improvement and development of students’ academic skills and abilities in order to provide the local, regional, and global labor market with qualified graduates equipped with both theory and knowledge. The Faculty, at the undergraduate and graduate programs, has decided to adopt innovation in education by updating its curricula to be at a par with the emerging market needs and characteristics. 

Though the Faculty went through various changes, but constantly produced graduates who made valuable contributions to the regional economy in general andlocal economy in particular.