Achievements According to the ​Annual Plan of the Computer Center for the Academic Year 2021/2022:

1. Training the programming department staff on Oracle software and ASP.Net software.

2. Follow-up Oracle conversion project through an agreement with Al-Hashemite University. This included preparing the human resources system, salary system, general accounting system, budgeting, the website, admission system, enrollment requests, and parts of the registration system.

3. Developing several programs to facilitate administrative tasks and reduce paperwork. Also, creating programs for the faculty related to the Quality and Development.

4. Follow-up the Active Directory domain project and setting the necessary security policies.

5. Preparing technical specifications for upgrading the firewall system.

6. Identifying security vulnerabilities and reporting them to the designated department for remediation.

7. Preparing special specifications for the university's computer systems development project.

8. Setting up virtual servers for system development and configuring new servers.

9. Installing cameras in computerized examination labs, e-learning centers, computer centers, and the tender building.

10. Participating in technical committees by defining technical specifications, reviewing bids, and receiving equipment.

11. Preparing the technical specifications for the wireless network in several lecture halls to keep up with technological advancements in networking.

12. Follow-up the installation of computer points by the responsible company.

13. Addressing all maintenance requests related to the system from university users.

14. Developing technical specifications, studying bids, awarding tenders, and monitoring the implementation of the wireless network for (110) classrooms.

15. Providing technical support and maintenance services for computer equipment and accessories to university staff.

16. Follow-up maintenance companies with which maintenance contracts and warranties have been signed. Also, providing technical support for seminars and conferences at the university.

17. Equipping the Information Technology College laboratory with (30) devices.

18. Developing technical specifications, studying bids, and awarding tenders for (350) laptop devices for faculty members.

19. Conducting necessary maintenance for the landline phone network.

20. Installing and operating LAN ip-phones.

21. Maintaining and repairing office phone outlets.

22. Extending some landline connections.

Achievements According to the Annual Plan of the Computer Center for the Academic Year 2020/2021:

1. Student and Employee Complaints Systems.

2. Automated fee accounting for previous years and the current year when paid via Fawateercom.

3. Arabic and English Verification System for the university certificates.

4. National Exam Verification System.

5. Students and employees Surveys System.

6. Health Insurance ID issuance system for beneficiaries with image processing feature.

7. Health Insurance Network System.

8. Linking admission requests with the Civil Status and Passport Department.

9. Accomplishing various tasks such as course equivalence, semester dropping, printing documents for graduating students, error correction, and reviewing marks.

10. Follow-up the implementation of the computer network for new buildings (Economics College, Nursing College, Engineering College) to keep up with latest technology in this field.

11. Follow-up the implementation of the computer network for the new computerized examination labs in Quraish building to keep up latest technology in this field.

12. Follow-up the installation of surveillance camera systems in the new buildings of the Economics College and Engineering College.

13. Completing maintenance requests received through the system from various university departments and centers (approximately 1000 maintenance requests).

14. Conducting training sessions for students and engineers from various universities, the Jordanian Engineers Association, and the Vocational Training Corporation.

15. Follow-up and supervision of the installation of cameras in different locations.

16. Equipping the e-learning labs in Quraish building with a capacity of (360) computer devices.

17. Resolving the recurring network interruptions issue for the landline network in the Earth Sciences building, Student Affairs building, old Engineering buildings, and the College of Education by changing and maintaining the grounding cables and performing necessary maintenance.

18. Preparing and implementing a study to establish an e-learning platform to provide remote learning services during the COVID-19 crisis. Also, purchasing cloud services from a global company.

19. Establishing computer servers for computerized exams, where all exams for university courses were held remotely during t