Computer ​Center Tasks:

  1. Developing applications and software to computerize all administrative and academic operations of the university.
  2. Designing and developing the university's websites.
  3. Creating and managing necessary databases for building and managing computer systems.
  4. Supervising projects for the procurement and operation of main servers, storage units, and backup systems.
  5. Maintaining and configuring the university's wired and wireless network.
  6. Providing, updating, and maintaining the infrastructure of computer, telephone, and main server networks.
  7. Offering internet and email services.
  8. Participating in the preparation of tender’s specifications related to computers, servers, networks, databases, and necessary software, as well as follow up their study, implementation, and supervision.
  9. Preparing technical specifications and studies related to projects and programs implemented by the Computer Center and supervising them.
  10. Providing technical support and maintenance services for computer devices and peripherals used by faculty, staff, and students.
  11. Overseeing security systems and surveillance cameras in the university.
  12. Providing computer services to all university colleges, centers, and departments.
  13. Developing and monitoring the implementation of administrative information systems used in most administrative activities at the university and creating new systems to meet evolving needs for better service delivery.